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  • Understanding the Judicial System and Rules of Civil Procedure

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  • The CGL Policy

  • Investigating the "Ifs" and "Buts" of Liability Claims

  • Reservation of Rights

  • Final Release

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Understanding the Basics of Liability Claims

An Adjuster's Perspective

Legal Precedence at the time when I was adjusting claims in India was not a common consideration. It took me almost six years to get to a stage where I could understand and appreciate the basic concepts underlying legal terms since immigrating to Canada in 2012. It has been a roller coaster ride for me, both scary and enthralling at the same time. Luckily, I had great company all through my journey. That’s what inspired me to write this book. It is my attempt to provide a basic understanding of the legal concepts used in handling insurance claims, from an insurance adjuster’s perspective. I have tried to tone down these concepts to simple terms, that could be easily followed by anyone not pertaining to the profession of law. I have discussed the day to day concepts, such as Final Release, Reservation of Rights Letter and similar other terms encountered by a claims professional while adjusting insurance claims.

I absolutely love reading and analyzing statements of claim, case law, legal contracts out of pure interest and as research for my claims. Legal terminologies and interpretations have always been of great interest to me since my early days as an adjuster in India and I now recognize the significance of legal rights and professional ethics in dealing with an Insured, especially at the time of an Insurance claim.​

Dedicated to every claim's specialist who has made a difference in someone's life.
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Raj Datt, Chair Subrogation & Recovery at WeirFoulds LLP

In his professional capacity as a claims professional, I have known Shubham for several years. In my dealings with Shubham, I always had the sense that he was keen on the legal principles which govern insurance disputes. When Shubham asked me to review a draft of his book, nothing could have prepared me for discovering the astounding breadth and depth of his text! I very highly recommend Shubham’s book, and feel that it should immediately be required and essential reading for claims professionals all across the country and beyond.

peter boos.jpg

Peter Boos, MCE, BA, FCIP, FRM, Cert. in ADR

Senior Consumer Service Officer at General Insurance OmbudService

Your level of precision, research and passion comes through in your writings. I believe that the junior claims person could use your text as reference material, the intermediate claims person to inform them more of what they are doing and the advanced claims person as a refresher to keep in touch with basic underlying concepts. I am enjoying the material in relating to the nature of complaints I receive. I can see your material as a lens to clarify and provide options to devise solutions. Your insights will certainly help, educate and inform those who want a better understanding of concepts underlying case law.


Rohit Trivedi FCIP, CSSC, CRM, CIM - Industry veteran

“Be the change you wish to see in the World” Mahatma Gandhi Gandhi’s words are well known, and I quote it here because Shubham Gupta continues to enlarge his career by publishing articles/book/blogs whilst working as an Independent Claims Consultant. He has evolved into what we call in cricket, “An All Rounder”. This is an analysis of Gupta’s, “Understanding the Basics of Liability Claims” book. It’s clear that Shubham has achieved the main purpose of writing this book, which is to provide insurance professionals relevant information to recognize not only coverage but also the in-depth claim and legal processes. The writing the style is clear and effective. I too, echo AnnettePalalas (part-time professor at Humber College) comments that this book is a must read for insurance professionals handling GL risks and claims at insurance companies, brokerages, adjusting firms. Well done Shubham and can’t wait for your next book.


Randy Chiasson, BBA, CIP, Manager- Central Claims at Sovereign Insurance

There are plenty of books which research case law from more of a Solicitors perspective as supposed to a claims perspective.

Adjusters, examiners and all claims personal can certainly benefit from this books unique take on  liability claims.

From a simple reservation or rights to additional named insured issues this book addresses slot of the common issues that come up when claims handling.


Annette Palalas

Part-time Professor, Insurance Management Program at Humber College

This is a review for Understanding the basics of liability claims by Shubham Gupta.  This book simply put is fantastic! I have spent a lot of time reading insurance books, manuals and articles over the years. None of which are as easy to understand as Mr. Guptas' book. This book gives you the legal concept, then defines it, and provides an explanation  with an updated case to reiterate the term.  There are so many interesting, relevant and recent cases in this book.  I can say that this text, is an excellent addition to anyone studying insurance and should be part of every insurance library at insurance companies and brokerages.  Congratulations on publishing this book.


Vaishali Jagirdar, CIP - Bodily Injury Adjuster at RSA

Your endeavour of putting together basic liability concepts is commendable. You have simplified various terminologies and concepts which is what a lot of time adjusters are looking for. Your passion for reading case laws is very evident and come across through out the book. I enjoyed reading every bit of the book and would definitely use it as a reference point if I need any clarification. I definitely recommend my fellow adjusters to read your knowledgeable book