Dean: Did you leave that on my desk Roy?

Roy: Yeah! The resume of Nelson. Kyra Nelson. I think she has what it takes to work here.

Dean: Really!! Do you think YOU have what it takes to work here? (smirks)

Roy: Ha!! You bet!! I have kicked more **** than you have in the last two years.

Dean: Dream on kid! Dream on! I run the best claims department here and you may be good, but not the best.

Roy: Whatever! Anyways I also left that Liability claim file on your desk. This guy is driving me nuts. Can you look into that?

Dean: Certainly!! And arrange for an interview with Ms. Nelson.

Roy: What!! Am your HR now?


Kyra: Hi I am here to meet with Dean Swanson for a position of Claims Representative within his department.

Sria:  Are you Kyra Nelson?

Kyra: Yes!

Sria: Ok! Dean is waiting for you. BTW, have you ever met him before?

Kyra: No! Why?

Sria: oh ok! No nothing! Good luck! First door on the right.

Kyra: Thank you!


Dean: Come in Ms. Nelson.

Kyra:  Thank you Mr. Swanson. Honored to meet you!

Dean: Indeed! Call me Dean, and I will call you Kyra, if that is ok with you.

Kyra: Certainly, Mr. Swanson, oh Mr. Dean!

Dean: So what brings you here?

Kyra: Well! I believe  you are looking to hire a claim rep and ..

Dean: Yeah of course! But still what brings you here!!

Kyra: I  am here for the job.

Dean: Of course you are. Going the third time. WHAT brings you here?!!


Kyra: [After a pause] Well Dean, you run the best claims department in town, and I am the best option out there for this job.

Dean: You seriously think so eh!! Your resume doesn’t speak a lot now does it?!!

Kyra: And I thought you do not hire based on paper resumes now, do you?

Dean: Touche! So what you got??!! And spare me the details already in your resume. Not interested!

Kyra: I am passionate about the job I do. I specialize in liability claims.

Dean: Ok! So you "specialize" in liability claims, and you think you are the best out there for this job.

Kyra: Certainly!

Dean: Here are two documents. Tell me what the difference is between these two 3 page documents. If you can tell me that, the job is yours.

Kyra: Sure! Let me review those.

Dean: Certainly! Take your time.

Kyra: [After a pause] These are the same FINAL RELEASES. However, there is one critical difference, which may leave one of these not even worth the piece of paper they are written on.

Dean: Go on! I am listening.

Kyra: One of these do not have a CLAIMS OVER CLAUSE.

Dean: Brilliant!!

Kyra: Am I hired?!!

Dean: Not so fast!!

Kyra: Oh ok!

Dean: [On phone] Send in Roy please.

Kyra: Roy Malik, right?!!

Dean: Yes!

Roy: Yes Dean?

Dean: I believe you know Ms. Nelson. She just presented some insights on these two releases. I want you guys to work together as a team. Ms. Neloson, you will be assisting Roy. WELCOME TO THE DEPARTMENT!

Kyra: Thank you Dean. I appreciate that.

Dean: Let's grab lunch guys!! Just to let you know, with me, you are always working!!

Roy: I have certainly no doubts!

Kyra: Am already loving it here!!!