From an author's view:


Insurance, is my passion. It may sound boring, but it is. I love dealing with a claim, every part of it (well almost!).

As with almost every claim professional (or for that matter, with every Insurance professional), there is a story behind my entering into this industry. May dad is a renowned insurance professional in India. I grew up discussing claims at home. Sometimes I feel that a claim professional is like a doctor who takes care of emergency situations and provide respite to people who have suffered an unfortunate loss. 

The insurance product gets tested when a claim is reported and a claims professional gets in the forefront. Its unfortunate though that not many young people are entering into the claims profession and are rather opting to become an insurance broker or an underwriter. Even if they do decide to become a claims professional, its not long before they decide to change their careers. Well! I don't blame them. A claims department is looked upon as a cost center while the other two arms bring in business. And there are not many learning opportunities provided to a claims professional. There is a dearth of training programs for claims professionals and this is a job which you cant get a hang of just by reading those course insurance books (and they are boring). There has to be mentor ship ,on the job training and self learning. 

I hope everyone contributes to this platform. Lets make Insurance enjoyable again (I do not endorse TRUMP in any manner whatsoever). 


Shubham Gupta