A note to my readers

Insurance, is my passion. It may sound boring, but it is. I love dealing with a claim, every part of it (well almost!).

As with almost every claims professional (or for that matter, with every Insurance professional), there is a story behind my entering into this industry. My dad is a renowned insurance professional in India. I grew up discussing claims at home. Sometimes I feel that a claims professional is like a doctor who takes care of emergency situations and provide respite to people who have suffered an unfortunate loss. 

After publishing two books on Liability Claims (GL and Cargo), I bring to you THE FINE PRINT. It is my endeavour to bring to you the stuff that interests me most, in hope that it will interest you as well.

THE FINE PRINT is my attempt to bring insurance to the readers in an interesting fashion. Do let me know what you think and suggestions for improvements are always welcome.


Shubham Gupta